Offering Encouragement

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EncouragementTo encourage means to give support, confidence or hope to someone.  It is positive influence to give courage to someone.  You do not wait until it is deserved or asked for, you take the initiative when things are difficult or uncertain.

You have the power to breathe life into or take joy from those around you.  You choose each day whether to be an encourager or discourager.  By leveraging encouragement, we can rise above petty, small-minded, joyless relationships with our co-workers.  Push back against self-preoccupation by leading strong with encouragement.  Make it your workplace goal to be an encourager.

Everyone around you is dying for affirmation and encouragement.  Our work brings us face to face with the most difficult challenges that life can throw at a person.  It can be discouraging, demoralizing and our coworkers need to know we are in their corner.  Focus on each other and build each other up.

Decide:  You can either, believe others are running on empty and need encouragement or you can be discouraging and suck the life out others by taking them for granted and absolve yourself from any responsibility for your workplace.

Care:  Show genuine concern for others welfare.  Do not look out for just your own interests.  Giving your best will always cost you but it is the only way to show you truly care.   Selfishness will kill your ability to be an encourager and will mess up your relationships with others.  Be aware of what is going on with your coworkers.  Listen- focus on what they are saying.  Look- at their body language, sagging shoulders and spirit.  Learn- ask questions to show you care. Lighten the load- look for practical, kind, compassionate ways to help.  Lift-build confidence, lift the spirit, provide opportunities, and create hope.  How much do you care about the mission and its purpose, to give and do our best to help ALL our clients stay healthy, stay safe, achieve, recover quickly and stay recovered?

Affirm:  Speak only words that build and do not bruise.  How would others in your work place and clients say you talk to them?  Are you about affirmation or domination? Words are powerful.  Telling lies about others is as harmful as hitting them with a weapon.  Are you trying to hold others back as they excel so that you look better?  On the other hand, wise encouraging speech is rare, valuable and demonstrates true gentle leadership.

Enrich:  Be interested. Be moved and motivated by concern for others.  Don’t just talk about it, show it.  Encourage and help others with your action.  When others are doing well do you tell them to keep it up, do you offer to help them achieve even higher goals?

Commit:  Demonstrate positive encouraging words, work habits and relationships.  How dedicated are you to your clients and your coworkers?  Is it all about you or all about them?  I encourage you to rise above small thinking of putting in your 40 and getting out of here.  That is a lot of time, make it worth something to someone else.  Personal satisfaction does not come without effort.  I encourage you to think large, encourage others, make your 40 great, seek higher satisfaction and enjoy the fruits of a positive work life filled with hope, praise, admiration, greater success, and recognition.

Start today- purposefully encourage someone and watch what happens.  It will make you smile and make your heart glad.

This blog was shared by Sue Closser, founder of Sunrise Services.