2017 Employee Specialty Awards


Each year, we are pleased to recognize our employees for outstanding service at our annual company picnic. Without these amazing individuals, we wouldn’t be able to accomplish all we do as a company and we are forever grateful. Thank you for all you do!

Team Builder – A person who exhibits a desire and aptitude for creating a spirit of teamwork and cooperation.

Rebecca Kilgore
Program Coordinator, Roads to Community Living/WA Roads
Becky has utilized her experience as a caregiver and Community Choice Guide to build her team with the perspective and understanding of both a caregiver and the residential provider.  Becky has stepped into her supervisory role with ease, guiding and supporting her team to continue to serve exceptionally complex and challenging clients, encouraging a culture of going that extra mile and helping clients achieve their goals.  Becky and her team have increased productivity during the last quarter. Becky is professional, humble, kind and willing to help others with her positive, solution focused attitude.

Debra Applin
Community Living Facilitator, Supported Living
Over the last year, Debra has worked very hard at building a cohesive team at East Cady. She built a strong team through open communication at staff meetings that include on-going client specific training and education. She provides guidance, support and encouragement to her team and encourages mutual support amongst the team. The staff is proud to be part of the East Cady team. They take pride in their work and are happy to be on the job. The participants feel it.

Positive Attitude – A person who consistently displays a positive attitude and encourages a positive attitude in those around them.

Buba Minteh
IT Help Desk Assistant, Administration
Buba is a person whose infectious smile and happy nature lightens the mood in the room the moment he walks in. He bounces through an office greeting everyone. He is professional and on task with a “can-do” attitude. He takes the time to problem-solve your technology problem, is not condescending when you have questions, resolves the issues to the best of his ability then follows up to assure the problem is solved.

Jamie Moon
Community Living Facilitator, Supported Living
Jamie defines what it means to have a positive attitude! Jamie always has a smile on her face and greets everyone she meets with positivity and a sense of humor. If Jamie is confronted with a difficult situation of any kind, she remains calm and approaches it with a “we got this” attitude. It’s a pleasure to have Jamie on the SL team.

Problem Solver – A person who is skilled and creative in finding solutions to problems.

Stacy Sorensen
Financial Analyst, Administration
In the Accounting Dept. Stacy is the go to problem-solver. Whatever problem we give Stacy, she resolves!  She uses tools and skills that she thoroughly understands so that problems can be solved and Sunrise can succeed.  And, she thrives on solving problems which is displayed in her high quality work and timely results!

Nicole Burdsall
Employment Specialist, Community Trades and Careers
Since the time Nicole started with CTC she has shown an impressive ability to troubleshoot situations in a timely manner. She does not hesitate to reach out to ask questions until she finds the answers that lead to success for those she serves. With those answers, Nicole walks with the participant step-by-step to ensure they have successful outcomes. CTC is currently implementing ideas Nicole has shared for facilitating greater success for participants.

Dignity and Respect – A person who exhibits and models dignity and respect for clients, co- workers, themselves and those in the community.

Christine Jackson
Case Manager, Mental Health
Christine is incredibly relentless in the advocacy for her clients. Those who work with Christine are fortunate to witness the dignity and respect she shows towards her clients daily.  Christine has wonderful relationships with her co-workers exhibiting nothing but positive, helpful and supportive behavior every day.

Steve Skieens
Employment Specialist, Community Trades and Careers
When Steve began with CTC he had never worked with people with developmental disabilities and he had no experience finding secure employment for them. From day one Steve has embraced his job and the DD community. He models dignity and respect for our participants by listening and hearing what they have to say. He works at breaking down barriers for his participants and assuring they are treated with equality in the workplace. He is driven by making a difference in the participant’s lives.

Filling the Gap – A person who is willing to step up and be flexible with their work schedules to support our clients or their team.

Christina Nadeau
AFH Lead Facilitator, Community Placement
When Christina sees a need in our Adult Family Homes, without question, she steps in to fill the gap. Her first concern is that the participants and co-workers are being supported in the best way possible. She will take the time to do the tasks others will not. She recently worked tirelessly to smooth the transition into the AFH for a new client who had been homeless for many years. There were many obstacles to overcome. Christina threw herself into the tasks at hand by establishing a support team of outside agencies and working many hours outside of her regular schedule and job duties to facilitate the transition.

 Amanda James
Human Resources Coordinator, Administration
Due to shortages in our Human Resources Department, Amanda has been “filling the gap” by stepping up to the plate whenever needed, which is pretty much every day. She has been performing many of the job responsibilities of the HR Manager position which is outside of her normal area of responsibility. Sunrise is always in the need of good new employees for all of our different programs so Amanda has filled the gap by taking on many more time consuming new hire meetings so that our hiring doesn’t slow down. In addition, when we lost our Recruiter, Amanda started helping out with the recruiting. While taking on all of these additional responsibilities Amanda has maintained a cheerful and upbeat demeanor with people commenting on how helpful she has been.

 Extra Mile – A person who is consistently willing to do more than is expected of them and make that extra effort.

Amy Kevorkian
Case Manager/Chemical Dependency Counselor, Mental Health
As both a case manager and a CDP counselor, Amy wears two hats on a daily basis. She manages both roles with apparent ease and good humor. If her clinic is short-staffed she is always willing to take on extra duties until we are able to train someone to fill the position. We can always count on Amy to focus on client needs and walk that extra mile to help them.

Sharon Young
Health Homes Care Coordinator, Community Placement
Through assertive outreach Sharon engages and advocates for her clients – looking for solutions for her clients despite sometimes limited resource options. Sharon does not hesitate to push further to uncover resources and solutions for her clients. She generously shares her knowledge of solutions and resources to allow other clients to benefit.  Sharon is quick to focus in on what’s most important to her clients and knows when to offer that extra bit of hand holding – bridging the gap to assist them to advocate for themselves and connect with primary care. Sharon makes going the extra mile a part of her work ethic.

Special Projects – A person who has worked on a special project in addition to their normal tasks for the good of the clients or the company.

Christopher Lanphear
Systems Analyst, Mental Health
Chris also takes on frequent special projects – he trains providers on the EHR, he helps to respond to special requests for data that can be retrieved in the EHR and, importantly, he helps the QA and Clinical teams in preparing for audits and data submission.  He is a real pro at helping out with assorted IT functions like making Holly’s display monitor work for important meetings!  Recently there was a change in coverage for some of our clients. He worked diligently to ensure he knew the process and prepared staff to help some clients keep their coverage.

Timothy Van Slooten
Training Coordinator, Supported Living
A little over a year ago, Timothy took on the new SL Training Coordinator position, which was uncharted territory at the time. Due to delays from DDA with the curriculum and information for the new 2016 Training Requirements, Timothy was behind from the start. He had to learn on the job, tenaciously ferreting out accurate information. He established teams of instructors and worked with the instructors and Staffing to modify and/or create new procedures to schedule students and instructors, track training certificates and ensure compliance with the new requirements.

Client Advocacy – A person who excels in advocating for our clients and is able to model that skill for others.

Lizbeth Bundy
Clinician, Community Living
Liz is an inspiration to work with and a role model in client advocacy. She is always looking for creative ways to improve the lives of her clients and how best to serve them.  Liz seeks to connect and build rapport with her clients, wherever they are at with no judgement. Liz holds a wealth of knowledge about resources, develops relationships with others, and is a creative problem solver advocating for her clients. She is able to reach the clients in a way that others seem unable or unwilling to take the time to do.

Baboucarr Jatta
Community Support Specialist, Supported Living
Baboucarr Jatta is the first person to advocate for the participants. Some may say “This will be too difficult for them,” but Baboucarr always says, “We’ll find a way to make it work,” and he does. The participants love spending time with Baboucarr because he treats them with respect and kindness. He sets high expectations and helps participants, and staff, to achieve those expectations. He pays attention to the participants and their needs. He communicates clearly and effectively on their behalf, making sure they are getting all the supports they deserve.

Process Improvement – A person who has excelled at recognizing areas where process and procedure can be improved, brought solutions to the discussion and worked for effective changes

Karryn Dean
IS Database Administrator, Mental Health
Last year, Karryn added a whole new service area to the EHR so that we can properly document and bill for providing Substance Use Disorder services. This is a HUGE job! A constant challenge for Karryn is the need to make changes in the EHR based on the feedback received from DBHR and North Sound BHO – Karryn has incorporated countless small requests from auditing bodies into the EHR, improving process and enabling better results that really matter!

Hadad Kisekka
After Hours Community Living Facilitator, Supported Living
As After Hours CLF, one of Haddy’s duties include checking for gaps in Medication Administration Record documentation. Haddy check the MARs of our participants for gaps and errors ensuring every little detail is accurate and easy for staff understand.  Haddy promptly addresses any concerns he may have with the CLF in a positive manner as well as offers possible solutions to issues he comes across.  It is detailed and important work resulting in improved medication distribution for our participants.

People First – A person who personifies the philosophy described in our “People First” document.

Austin Pribble
Case Manager, Mental Health
Austin is a person who is consistently willing to do more than is expected of him. He is regularly called upon to step up and take on leadership roles. By doing this Austin provides much needed support to his IOP/IDDT team members and clients and does so with a positive attitude and willingness to be there to answer any questions they may have. Austin’s attitude is truly representative of Sunrise’s People First value statement!

Paula Sue Borgman
Community Support Specialist, Supported Living
Paula works hard at helping to integrate participants in the community. She gets to know her participants, their interests, and goals. She then facilitates outings in the community and encourages their participation in meaningful activities they enjoy. Whether it’s taking a participant to their favorite pancake house or shoe shopping Paula is always there to encourage a community outing!