Sunrise Caregiver Training Offers Great Career Opportunities

Kathy & Dennis 2

Our comprehensive Caregiver Training Program is designed to give people the skills and necessary certification to become Home Care Aides. Over the years, our training programs have helped people of various employment backgrounds gain their certification. Recently Kathy and Dennis, a couple from Mt. Vernon, enrolled to pursue new careers as caregivers – an exciting opportunity for them both.

Learn more from Kathy and Dennis via the following Q & A:

Kathy & Dennis 1Why a new career and why did you decide on Home Care Aide training?
Coming from the corporate world, we longed for a career that provided a rewarding and compassionate work experience. Being a bit on the “older” side, we’ve also found the HCA training to be quite insightful in regard to the aging process. This understanding is not only helpful as caregivers, but also gives us great insight into what we can expect with our own aging.

Why did you choose Sunrise Caregiver Training?
After doing our research, it was clear to us that Sunrise Caregiver Training had a good reputation in the area. Convenience was also a huge factor in that their Mt. Vernon office is just minutes away from our home. As we progress through our training, the more insight we’re getting into the professionalism and depth of the Sunrise organization. It’s been a great experience thus far.

What excites you about working as a Home Care Aid?
For us, we’re really excited about actively caring for people as we anticipate it to be very compassionate and rewarding work. With our corporate experience, a tax manager and executive assistant, we’re also comfortable with the administrative component involving documentation and organization.

What would you like to do with this training?
While we certainly have to complete more steps in the process than just the training, the long-term consideration at this point is to open our own Adult Family Home. The more we work as caregivers, the better we’ll be able to understand the potential of this opportunity.

We’re excited to hear about Kathy and Dennis’ training journey and very much appreciate them choosing Sunrise Caregiver Training. If you would like to learn more about our Caregiver Training program you can visit our web page here, or call our Everett location at 425-212-4120, or our Mt. Vernon location at 360-755-3801.

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