January 2017 Employees of the Month

Congratulations to our January 2017 Employees of the Month!

We are proud to have an amazing team at Sunrise Services. Below, we recognize a few who have gone above and beyond to fulfill their duties. Below each employee is a quote from the person who nominated them.

Margaret “Margui” Rutherford, ARNP, Mental Health, Geriatric Transitions, & Expanded Community Services

“We received a letter from one of Margui's clients recently... The clients own words exemplify and recognize how Margui’s support, expertise, sense of humor and willingness to go that extra mile and advocate for her made such a critical difference to helping stabilize her mental health. Margui's calm, focused and person centered approach is a fantastic example of how Sunrise listens and meets the needs of our clients.”

Pamela Dittrich, Sunrise Marketing Specialist

“She has a positive attitude and works tirelessly, learning about every nook and cranny of our business and getting those outside to understand and buy into what we do. Pam has even worked on the weekend, baking cookies and making punch, for an AFH open house. Pam will cold call for new business, email monthly updates, take on tasks outside of her typical role and is always willing to jump in and help. Pam even talks about Sunrise on her personal, free time, and all the services Sunrise offers. Pam lives, eats, and breathes Sunrise.”

Susan Havens, Accounting Specialist Lead

“Since Sue has been with us, she has made several process improvements within the payroll processing.  We have gone from doing manual entry to having the software do the work for us. We now have reports that makes the payroll team more efficient when double checking the time sheet entry. Sue is the one we go to with all the special payroll/benefits projects, she completes them in a timely manner and we meet the deadline. Thank you, Sue for thinking outside the box and making payroll a little bit easier.”

Merrie Pablo, Home Care Aide

“She is the lead caregiver for a high need client requiting 24-hour care. She is always willing to jump in and help out covering shifts. She is very involved in her community and is on the lookout to assist me in helping elders, even when she doesn’t work with them directly. Her dependability and manner in which she handles her client have made her an essential part of my team.”

Jamie St. Aubin, Sunrise Mental Health Medical Assistant

“Jamie has maintained a very positive and friendly attitude towards clients and coworkers. She is a good example of someone who puts client care first. She is able to work under pressure, and has managed to solve stressful situations when it comes to client emergencies. We can rely on Jamie to help with last minute special projects. She is willing to travel to different offices to support the other MA’s and prescribers. Not only is Jamie great with clients, but she is also wonderful to work with as a coworker.”

 Fasidou Manneh, Community Support Specialist in Supported Living

“Fasidou does whatever needs to be done to keep the site running efficiently and smoothly. We appreciate Fasidou’s easy going nature and unending patience. Consistency in the participants’ home is very important, we can always rely on Fasidou to be on time and ready to support the participants that he works with. Since I have been working with Fasidou, he has stepped up and went above and beyond what is expected.”