Employee Spotlight – Mike Manley

Mike ManleyAt the end of July, Mike Manley will be retiring after a long career in the Mental Health field. Mr. Manley joined our team as Mental Health Administrator 6 – 1/2 years ago after a long career in the public sector. For Mike, working in a dynamic environment to help solve people’s problems is something he’s really enjoyed about working at Sunrise. At Sunrise Services, we take great pride in our ability to tackle very difficult tasks for those in need, something Mike has found to be a very rewarding aspect of his job.

Learn more about Mike via the following Q & A:

What was your favorite thing about working for Sunrise Services?

At Sunrise Services, I’m continually impressed with the passion and focus of my fellow employees. Sunrise Services has a very good reputation of working hard for people in need. This is undoubtedly accomplished via a very well trained, driven group of individuals leading the way. Sunrise Services does very important work, and I’m proud to have been a part of it.

What’s the next step for you?

After a long rewarding career, I’m looking forward to exploring several things that I’ve previously been unable. I’ve always wanted to learn Tai Chi and play the cello. I’d also like to become proficient at speaking Spanish. Retirement for me will be a fun and rewarding experience filled with new adventures.

We’d like to wish Mike Manley the very best in his retirement and thank him for his work here at Sunrise Services.


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