Employee Spotlight – Eddie Suarez

Photo May 19, 8 15 24 PMEddie Suarez moved to the area in 2011 from Miami to pursue a Doctorate in Psychology at Northwest University in Kirkland. In fall of that same year, he joined the team at Sunrise Services as a caregiver. Over the course of the next four years, Eddie’s initiative allowed for professional growth at Sunrise earning him a range of experience from working with those dealing with traumatic brain injuries to working as a clinician at Sunrise Community Mental Health. Along the way, Eddie’s initiative and entrepreneurial focus allowed him to thrive professionally at Sunrise Services – all while going to school full time.

During his time at Sunrise, Eddie received a Specialty Award (Process Improvement) for his ability to recognize and positively effect change in internal processes. He also received the Employee of the Month Award in August of 2014 for his consistent contribution to the Sunrise team for the sake of our clients. His work at Sunrise has been appreciated.

Mr. Suarez recently left our team to join the HealthPoint Community Health Center. There, he’ll be working in the Behavioral Medicine Department as part of his final step toward getting his doctorate.

Learn more about Eddie via the following Q & A:

What was your favorite thing about working for Sunrise Services?

I’ve always been a driven, focused person. At Sunrise Services, they recognized my initiative and provided amazing opportunities for my professional growth. Over the course of my employment at Sunrise Services, I was positioned to place a helping hand in so many great programs. From hospital and treatment facilities to state psychiatric hospitals, my time at Sunrise was diverse, challenging and immensely rewarding. I can’t thank them enough for the opportunities they provided me.

What’s the next step for you?

I’m currently transitioning to my new role in the Behavioral Medicine Department at HealthPoint. I’ll be working there for one year as part of a pre-doctoral internship. My dissertation will be about Intensive Outpatient Program work, a field I was able to gain professional experience in during my time at Sunrise. Upon completion of my dissertation, I will graduate a Doctor of Psychology and hope to return to Miami and help with my family’s mental health practice there. On top of all this, I’m also getting married in June!

A big thanks to Eddie for working so hard during his time at Sunrise. We wish Eddie the best of luck!

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