The Home Care Agency Process

Are you unfamiliar with signing up with a Home Care provider? This might help.

Once you decide on the Home Care Agency that is right for you, there is often a process to follow before services begin. Below, we’ll outline this process to give you a better idea of what to expect.


First, the Agency must gather important information, usually at the time the client makes their initial call for services. This includes diagnosis, cognitive and functional abilities and limitations. The purpose is to determine if the agency can indeed provide the care being requested.  This information helps the agency determine who would be the best caregiver to work with this particular client. The Agency will also determine costs and payment method.


Following that, the supervisor and the assigned aide meet the client in their home and review their personal care needs, agency policies, client bill of rights, how to file a grievance, plus so much more. Together, the client and agency develop a care plan and schedule for services. They also address any safety issues, such as trip hazards and the need for adaptive equipment such as grab bars, bath bench, hand held shower.


Once the care has been assessed and everyone feels comfortable, the client signs consent forms.   Without the client’s consent, services cannot begin.


Care usually begins immediately after the consent is signed. The home care aide stays to begin implementation of the plan of care. The agency’s supervisor makes repetitive contacts and visits to assess how satisfied the client is with the aide and how implementation of the care plan is going.

While this process may not fit every Agency exactly, it does provide an overview of what you should expect from most. This is our process at Sunrise Home Care Agency. If you choose Sunrise, we’ll help you through this process with the utmost respect and care.

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